Online Chat
Chat online in real time with a DeStress counsellor through our website. Service is provided by appointment which can be booked online.
Video/Audio Conference
Allows you to see and speak with a DeStress counsellor, yet remain in your own private space. Service can be booked onine.
E-mail Counselling
Counselling services delivery through offline email exchanges (weekly/periodic/one-off) that you can refer back to it at any time

Women's Mental Health Support

Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marital Counselling

Manage Anxiety, Depression and Panic

Combating Sexual Abuse

Queer Affirmative Therapy

Grief Counselling & Resilience Building

+ve Psychology (Building Self Esteem)

Overall Mental Fitness

Adolescent Emotional Well-being

Parenting Issues

POSH Compliance